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Are Any of these Questions Familiar to You?

Have you ever wondered if you had AD(H)D or were on the Autism Spectrum?

Why you seem to struggle with learning at work and/or at school more than others?

Your emotions are easily triggered and you don't understand why or how?

Why is it such a challenge for you to stay focused and organized?

With QEC Coaching You Can Learn:

  • Tips and techniques for overcoming learning difficulties and improving academic or work performance and staying focused and organized.

  • Guidance on managing and navigating social interactions to reduce feelings of overwhelm or confusion.

  • How you can heal from neurodevelopmental disorders like ADD/ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia and how they relate to feelings of being different.

  • Strategies for managing anxiety and building self-esteem to enhance overall well-being.

  • Insights into new and holistic approaches to personal growth and self-acceptance that can lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

What Makes My Coaching Stand Out?

Quantum Energy Coaching, or QEC, is a groundbreaking method that combines the principles of human connection and neuroplasticity. This transformative journey allows you to break free from past traumas, internal stress, and self-limiting beliefs in a manner that's safe, swift, and effective.

  • You Are In Charge: With QEC, you have total control over your healing journey. You get to decide what you work on and the pace you're comfortable with. Best results are experienced in 4-week intervals.

  • Conscious Participation: No hypnosis is involved in QEC because you are consciously engaged in the process. Your complete awareness during every session ensures it's fully safe and effective.

  • Flexibility: QEC offers versatility quite unlike traditional therapies, with sessions that can be conducted both online and in-person as per your preference.

  • No Side Effects: Given that you take charge of your healing journey, there are no side effects to worry about.

So, are you excited to tap into the transformative power and boundless potential of Quantum Energy Coaching?

Embrace the golden years of your journey with my specialized support designed particularly for adults entering the retirement phase. Together, we can meet and master any unexplored challenges that lay ahead.

It's time to start this healing adventure towards a healthier, brighter, more radiant you

What Others Are Saying:

Melanie M.

I feel calmer, I feel more present in myself, life, with my son, and just feel really good!

I feel that working with Fran has changed my life. Fran has such a wonderful calming and supportive energy. I felt heard and held and by the end of each session I had such a deep sense of peace and gratitude to Fran that she is doing this work.

Fran is amazing, work with her : )

Cassie L.

After working with Fran I am more in tune with my emotions, understanding of my needs and the needs of others around me, knowing when to "tap out," and I have better self-talk and self-worth. I feel more grounded and balanced. I also have increased awareness with the breathing techniques (amazing).

....I am more relaxed and at peace. I am more aware of things and people and I find myself reacting less and processing more.

I would recommend Fran and QEC because it works.... I am truly grateful and thankful for the help and support.

Valerie M.

I can't emphasize enough how much I recommend Fran as a coach for Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC). Her dedication and passion for helping others are truly remarkable. The positive outcomes I experienced from the QEC sessions under her guidance are a testament to her expertise and genuine concern for her clients.

In conclusion, my journey with Fran was an incredibly gratifying experience. Her commitment to assisting others, coupled with her fervent desire to make a difference, left a lasting impression on me.

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